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Welcome to our blog and the season of 2013-2014

By December 13, 2013Blog

Welcome to the new website of SKK Rusutsu that is now available in English, Japanese and Russian and our new blog where we’ll be updating you on Rusutsu news.

Our first news will be on tremendous snow that is falling at the moment! It was really, really long waited for. It started snowing earlier than usual this year, and we all anticipated an early deep snow start of the season. But the weather got warm closer to the 23rd of November, the scheduled opening day of Rusutsu Resort, and it looked like it wouldn’t open but it did. The number of lifts and courses was very limited but even that was a treat for those who have been waiting for the day for months, especially taking into consideration Rusutsu was the only resort that opened on that day. The conditions kept improving for a while and Rusutsu Resort opened more courses and lifts but than we had another wave of warm weather and rain that melt practically all snow. Only one lift on West Mt. and one on Mt. Isola were open for the last couple of days. But it looks like today will be the day to change the situation! It’s been snowing since the morning, and it should keep snowing over the night.  The temperature stays low so tomorrow should be an exciting day on the slopes. Fingers crossed for a tremendous season of 2013-2014!