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Rusutsu is situated on the South Western side of Hokkaido, the most northerly of Japanese islands; a natural wonderland with 4 clear seasons, each magnificent in its own way.

From New Chitose International Airport

New Chitose Airport is the main air gateway of Hokkaido with direct flights from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, Seoul, Yuzhuno-Sakhalinsk (Russia) and many other locations thanks to its recent major upgrade.

Distance to Rusutsu from:
New Chitose Airport; 86 km
Sapporo City; 72 km
Hirafu / Niseko; 33 km
Lake Toya; 19 km
Otaru; 93 km

The Sapporo – Tokyo is one of the busiest domestic air connections in the world, meaning that anytime of year you visit, you’ll have a range of options for travel into Hokkaido.

Chitose > Rusutsu by bus

Large comfortable “Resort Liner” buses run on regular intervals for 3,000 yen per person and make their way through the mountains in 2 hours.

Chitose > Rusutsu by car

A 90 minute drive through one of Hokkaido’s numerous National Parks – Shikotsuko-Toyako National Park- around Lake Shikotsuko (including passing by a public toilet that costed more than 100,000,000 yen to build! One of the fanciest “toilet-breaks” you could imagine!).

From Sapporo City

Sapporo is Hokkaido’s capital city and the home of the famous Snow Festival (Yuki Matsuri) and the Yosakoi Matsuri (a large-group dance completion that is growing more popular every year), among dozens of other exciting art, craft and food festivals throughout the year.

Sapporo > Rusutsu by bus

Several scheduled busses leave from JR Sapporo Station every day (2,100 yen per person), with extra buses added in winter. The bus stops for a break on Nakayama Toge peak and offers a terrific view of Mt. Yotei, often called “the Fujiyama of Hokkaido”.