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Rusutsu Resort is based beneath Mt. Sorioi and Mt. Shiribetsu

Covered in green in summer and draped in the lightest of snow in winter

The community is small, but very close and friendly, including several beautiful new western-style homes built by foreigners who have come to enjoy the mountain scenery and amazing ski conditions.

Our immediate area in the resort additionally includes Hotel Romulus, and several other small Japanese style lodges. A few of the lodges have dining rooms that are open for lunch. There are several small restaurants: Pirateman, Tomekichi, Rodeo Drive, Kazuchan and a German style bakery called Walde Wiese.

On the Tower Hotel side of the road, there are two convenience stores, as well as gear rental shops. There is a car rental desk inside the Resort that is open year round since April 2009. Just 2km down the road in Rusutsu village is the Route 230 road station, which includes a local farmers’ market where fresh produce is available at wonderful prices.