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Restaurant Pirateman

In December of 2008 we opened an Izakaya, or Japanese-style pub, next to Rusutsu Resort.

Our Chef, who learned his craft traveling around Europe, is a Rusutsu celebrity; thanks to the trademark bandana he always wears, foreign guests gave him the nickname “Pirateman”, and we gave the restaurant that name in his honor.

The pub’s wood burning stove has become a focal point; the combination of the fire and water having a soothing effect after a day out on the slopes sharing drinks and conversation with friends, old and new alike.


The variety of delicious dishes the chef makes is what makes Pirateman one of Rusutsu’s hidden treasures. We have worked hard to make friends with all the local farm wives, and buy all our produce fresh from the fields so we can bring it directly to the table in mouthwatering Chinese dishes at the peak of freshness and flavor.








A variety of meat and vegetable dishes will cater for meat lovers as well as for vegetarians. Consult us on any special needs you have and we’ll try to meet them. How about matching the chef’s lovingly prepared
dishes with a fine European wine, Japanese liqueur, or a nice cocktail?

But don’t forget to leave space for one of our famous homemade desserts! Freshly baked every day, they usually disappear very quickly. Round the meal with our reasonably good coffee for a reasonable price from our Italian coffee machine: espresso, latte or a variety of coffee cocktails, and you will certainly feel the evening has been nice and pleasant.



Tel: +81(0)136 55 8434